Ziv Berin

NAUI Membership Origination: 1/1/1959
NAUI Membership Status: Active

NAUI Member Email: info@formosadiving.com
NAUI Member Phone: 886956300103

Courses I Teach

  • Scuba Diver
  • Adv Scuba Diver
  • Scuba Rescue Diver
  • Adv Scuba Rescue
  • Jr Scuba Diver
  • Jr Advanced Diver
  • First Aid For Dive Professionals
  • CPR
  • Standard First Aid
  • Emergency O2
  • International Diver
  • Jr Recreational Hookah Diver
  • Jr Underwater Photographer
  • Night Diver
  • Passport Diver
  • Jr Night Diver
  • Skin Diver
  • Training Assistant
  • Try Scuba Diving
  • U/W Photographer
  • Deep Diver
  • Recreational Hookah Diver

  • My NAUI Bio

    In 1998, when I was 18, I became a certified Advance Open Water diver. This led me to the path of experiencing, exploring and teaching the world which a few of us know – the underwater world. Right after completing my certification, I saved up money to buy scuba equipment.

    Later on the following year, I applied to a Dive Master course which I completed successfully.
    In 2002, I decided that the sea is where I want to be, and diving is what I want to do. I enlisted in a Scuba instructor course.

    When I was certified I was thrilled and quickly did my stage, and shortly after “jumped into deep water” (literally), and started to teach diving on regular basis.

    I certified over 200 students in the Open Water, Advanced Open water and Nitrox Divers programs. I extended my specialty to Breath Hold Diving (Apena Diving), and I am also a TDI Technical Diver. I have over 2000 logged dives and been in many different conditions and places such as: Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Egypt and Israel.

    To all the readers: I hope that you would learn to love the sea as much I do and do it as much as you can. Also I hope that while doing so, you’ll respect the sea God Neptune, and consider the environment and above all dive SAFE.



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