First Aid Instructor Workshop - Vancouver

Mar 16
Mar 17

14204 NE 10th Ave., Vancouver, WA 98685

About The Event

The NAUI First Aid Instructor Workshop (FAIW) is designed for any NAUI Leader (Assistant Instructor, Skin Diving Instructor, Divemaster, Instructor) who wishes to teach the NAUI First Aid – Powered by DAN courses.

The FAIW is a 2-day workshop.

Date: March 16 - 17

Time: 8 a.m. 5 p.m.

Location: Columbia North Club House

14204 NE 10th Ave., Vancouver, WA 98685

The first day focuses on First Aid (and related) skills. The second day is devoted to the methodology to teach and administer these courses.  The FAIW is being put in place to ensure the high-quality level of skills and instruction that NAUI is known for. These workshops will be offered at various trade/consumer shows and other locations throughout the year. They are intended to refresh your First Aid and CPR skills, provide valuable information concerning new First Aid standards, as well as give you information on training and how to implement and conduct these courses. These skills are essential as you work with your First Aid students with their training.

If you have a large number of NAUI Leaders in your area or shop wishing to become a NAUI First Aid Instructor and can’t make one of the workshops listed above, contact the NAUI Training Department to discuss other options.

All Members attending the FAIW must complete all 8 Instructor eLearning Modules in the following order (First Aid Core Instructor Module, BLS, HCP, EO2, HMLI, Neuro, DEMP and DFAPro), PRIOR to attending a NAUI First Aid Instructor Workshop.

Walk-ups will not be allowed for the FAIW. Deadline for registration for the workshops is 3 weeks prior to the workshop, (except for the workshops held at NAUI Headquarters – then it is 7 days prior). This time is needed for finalizing arrangements and materials.

If you have any questions about these workshops, (domestic or international), please contact the NAUI Training Department at +1-813-628-6284 or

Check the page for additional FAIWs to be held throughout 2019.

*To complete this registration and to confirm workshop attendance, all members must complete the application form and submit to NAUI Headquarters by mail, email or fax at time of payment.