Instructor Crossover Course - Massa Lubrense (NA), Italy

Oct 25
Oct 26

Via Amerigo Vespucci, 39 Nerano
Massa Lubrense (NA), Italy

About The Event

Full immersion in the Instructors Crossover Course of the teaching agency that has more appreciation for having the highest standards of training in the field of recreational diving and developed teaching methods. Also chosen by the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory of NASA in Houston, where astronauts train for their space walks: a week full of insights and sharing on teaching techniques for diving courses, the unforgettable experience!

Upon achievement of the NAUI Instructor qualification, you will be able to teach all the recreational and specialty courses up to the level of Leadership (Divemaster - Instructor Help - Apnea Instructor).

The registration fee includes all the expenses to be incurred for teaching materials, e-learning lessons and classroom training, sessions in confined waters and open waters, final evaluation and licenses for NAUI Open Water courses Scuba Diver and Nitrox.

Candidates must provide personal complete equipment for free water dives,cylinder not necessary. Any refills are included in the course fee.

The registration fee as a new NAUI Instructor is excluded, to be paid upon obtaining the qualification.

The participation fee must be received by 09/21/2019 with an amount equal to € 650.00 or no later than 10/3/2019 with an amount equal to € 750.00.

 Entries will not be accepted in addition to the limit data of 10/03/2019

. Once the participation fee has been paid, each candidate will be given personal access to the platform. NAUI CORE to be able to study the e-learning part, which must be reviewed by 10/19/2019.

 The NAUI ITALY convention is active for the complete stay at the facility

Nettuno Diving Village

Via Amerigo Vespucci, 39 Nerano
Massa Lubrense (NA), Italy

tel. 081 808 1051

Summary of costs

Participation fee for the ICC Instructor Crossover Course by 09/21/2019 € 650.00
Participation fee for the ICC Instructor Crossover Course from 09/22/2019 to 10/3/2019 € 750.00
First registration fee as a NAUI Instructor expiring December 31st, 2020 $ 260.00

***** LIC 9600 for all recreational and Leadership courses (value $ 675) ***** INCLUDED

Terms of payment

The participation fee must be paid in full within the specified dates. Entries beyond these dates are not permitted. Refunds: after gaining access to the NAUI CORE platform, they can only be obtained due to force majeure, to be submitted for examination by the Course Director and in any case deduct from the management and initialization costs of the profile on the NAUI CORE platform, equal to € 250,00.


18 years old

  • Instructor Certification from a recognized teaching agency.
  • NAUI First aid for diving professionals or equivalent certification
NAUI Oxygen provider certification or equivalent

  • NAUI Nitrox Diver certification or equivalent
  • 100 recorded dives, excluding course dives, with at least 60 hours of bottom time.

  • Candidates must pass the NAUI instructor prequalification exam before the start of the ICC.

  • Sports medical examination for underwater sport with expiration of not less than three months.

How to access the course

Registered candidates complete the registration application form on the page

Oonce the request has been approved, candidates will be required to send all the necessary documents to NAUI Italy in advance, before the participation fee, for their verification via e-mail to: Once the documents have been verified, the Course Director will announce the registration or additions to be taken before the start of the ICC.

For any information, contact NAUI Italy by email at: